13 Jan 2011

Natalia Sanabria

A glimpse to this young lady's work will be enough to realise her big talent and potential in fashion illustration. Neat, colourful and full of details, her drawing shows the passion and great interest she feels for this art. She is also a graphic designer and as a photographer, she is able to create fantastic scenarios which seem just taken away from a magical world.

We: Where are you from and what do you do?

Natalia: I live in San José in a very cold but beautiful place full of nature. I started studying Graphic design but one year later I felt that I was missing painting, so I went on with both studies. Right now I work as a freelance graphic desinger, but what I enjoy the most is drawing, painting and taking pictures of the places I visit. My dream is working as an illustrator full time.

W: What does art mean to you?

N: I understand art as the ability to create anything unique and give expression to feelings, a way of creating beauty, of interpreting the images that inspire myself through different materials, textures, colours. Art has given me lots of satisfactions and it is seems people like my work, which I highly appreciate.

W: Where do you find inspiration?

N: In so many things: the sky, nature, music, Internet, fashion, objects that I collect as dolls, colourful stones and minerals, frost, patterned paper… A picture can ispire me as much as reaching the point that I want to draw it immediately and I look for the materials to translate it into an illustration.

W: Which are your favourite artists?

N: Gustav Klimt, Toulouse Lautrec, Degas, Rembrandt. Searching on the Internet I found out the work of the painter Alex Kanevsky and I got astonished by his technique and the colour palette he uses. Regarding fashion illustrators, Cecilia Carlstedt, Esra Roise, David Downton’s works are really inspiring and also the designs of Nicolas Ghesquiere, among many others.

W: Future plans?

N: Keep on exhibiting my paintings, get an agency that represents me as illustrator. Working on the most I love would be just great.

You can follow Natalia's work on her flickr. Enjoy her delicate and gorgeous work!

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  1. oh! i could write a lot of stories about that lovely girls.



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