17 Dec 2010

Alexander Alekseenko

Today we stop at Ukraine to enjoy a bunch of pictures of this talented young photographer. His work has already been shown in several online magazines and photoblogs around the world, which is not surprising at all when every single image of his speaks by itself. Alexander is a genius capturing snapshots, where playful movement takes over and finds a place in your mind. What to say about the sensual, dreamy and mysteriuos atmoshpere he manages to create, an absolutely stunning parallel world.

We: Where are you from and what do you do?

Alexander: I've spent my 22 years in a post-soviet center of the universe, small city in the south of Ukraine. I'm not very positive about living here. Basically all my time is spent at work and filled with thoughts of how to move as far as it possible from here. Carrying camera everywhere with me gives an opportunity to snap everything that catches my attention and what I think is beautiful and worth being shot. I find it a best way to express myself.

W: What does art mean to you?

A: It doesn't have to mean something. Art is a part of humans life, it's something that lives inside and surrounds one always and everywhere. Not everyone is able to feel and see it. It's all about the attitude and self-commitment.

W: Where do you find inspiration?

A: Actually I've lost one few days ago and still can't find it. But usually it comes to me spontaneously. Often in my dreams. Surfing through the photographs in the internet gives a lot of inspiration as well, so many outstanding photographers out there.

W: Which are your favourite artists?

A: There are no actual favorites, I like them all. Every day I see more and more talented people who continue expand the boundaries of conformist life. Also I am really obsessed with all kind of artists who ended up committing suicide or of drug overdose.

W: Future plans?

A: The ultimate goal is to move somewhere out of this county, any help is highly appreciated!

You can find out more about Alekseenko at his website, enjoy!

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