30 Aug 2010

Joel Meyerowitz

Seeing Joel's photographs is more or less like experiencing a soft and tender shock, sometimes also described as pleasure. Born in New York, he's known for being one of the first photographers in using exclusively colour film and facing the black & white paradigma of those times. Through many years he has captured human nature in its best moments, within good or evil, and he still does, as he was the only one allowed to take pictures on ground zero immediately after the 9/11 WTC attack.

By the way, in our selection of pictures we've included a B&W one, as he also took great pictures in negative monochrome before facing a more colourful world.

25 Aug 2010

Rinko Kawauchi

It’s burning hot outside, so what else better than getting a bit of visual refreshment by Rinko Kawauchi’s photographs? Her images represent an ode to daily life, people and nature. She knows how to freeze the beauty of tiny details, which very often we ignore due to stress and do-it-as-fast-as-possible. When looking at her clear and harmonious compositions, our senses respond opening up. Water and pastel blue skies are two predominant elements in her photographs; we regard them as freedom and peacefulness, just perfect for a reminding of late summer days.

17 Aug 2010

Gabriele Chiapparini

Italy has been a kind of temple for artists during the last centuries, from Etruscans to nowadays. With such an artistic tradition and history it's very difficult not getting inspired. Gabriele is italian, you could tell just hearing his name, but he also owns the quality to make us feel, even without touching us. We find plenty of polaroids through his work (who said polaroid was dead?) and they remind us to those portraits from romanticism, with great landscapes, ghostly appearance, women and nostalgia. Feels like viewing centuries passing by.

We: Where are you from and what do you do?
Gabriele: I was born in Bologna and I still live there. I'm a full time photographer.

W: What does art mean to you?
G: umm... it's a hard question. In this moment I see art just like an expression of what people have inside. Inside their mind. Inside their heart. If a person is able to show it to the other... it can be art. It could be an idea or a feeling.

W: Where do you find inspiration?
G: From friends and people I meet. I absorb so much from people, from music, from blogs like this one, from some places like the south of Spain or the north of Norway. Also from my cat.

W: Which are your favourite artists?
G: I have some friends I really like and love. Sometimes they are my favourite artists. My favourite artist ever are the beatles. The kind of images of their self they had. I love Wilco. I love Caravaggio, Sarah Moon, Annie Leibovitz, Avedon, Nadav Kander... Coen Brothers.

W: Future plans?
G: oh yes, holiday.
For photography I hope someone can suggest me something nice to do. I'm also looking for models... some people to grow up together.

You'll find more about Gabriele and his work at his flickr.

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