14 Sep 2010

Bruce Nauman

His work is innovative, provocative and even mischievous. Amazed by his neon works, he shows his great interest in communication through them, always playing with language and involving the public with his message. This contemporary American artist uses a wide range of materials and disciplines to carry out his practice: sculpture, video, drawing, performance, photography, printmaking and neon. Perhaps this last media is the one characterises him the best. Luminous, playful and vivid, Nauman loves examining life and he observes transformation and activity to obtain future inspiration. If you have the chance to visit any of his exhibitions, go and have fun!

8 Sep 2010

Bruce Davidson

This american photographer makes that kind of pictures we would love to keep sometime at home as a treasure. Member of Magnum, one of his well known creations are his pictures from Harlem, NY, but also his personal view on american contemporary history. Finely contrasted, strong portraits and lovely scenes are part of what we see, but nothing compared to what we feel. Hope you like it, we constantly do.

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