17 Jun 2010

Higinia Garay

We: Where are you from and what do you do?

Higinia: I’m from Bilbao and I work as an illustrator and graphic designer.

W: What does art mean to you?

H: I suppose that art is so subjective that it will never end up having a definition that satisfies everybody. However, this is what makes art an inexhaustible and indescribable machine about the useless. What is art to me? Well, it is a driving force, means creation and evasion, but above all is PLAYING and laughing at life. The tool that makes me free.

W: Where do you find inspiration?

H: Generally in popular culture, old and modern. I love the folklore of all different world civilizations, as well as the way in which modern societies find the way to subjective expression, people who draws on the wall “so-and-so I love you” and that kind of things. And obviously in music, which is a key in all my illustrations.

W: Which are your favourite artists?

H: I love the artists that you have on the blog, Ryan McGinley and Spike Jonze. As illustrators I must mention Apak Studio (the way the use colours is just amazing), the sensual girls of Audrey Kawasaki and the irreverence of Bansky.

You can find more about Higinia at her website.

11 Jun 2010

Richard Mosse

You might believe Richard Mosse comes from a magic place where improbable landscapes seem quite natural, but this Irish photographer lives and walks on planet earth as we do. Taking a look to his work you'll find well structured pictures with his own visual style and for sure you'll think about what's the story behind as you won't see day-to-day situations.

Judge yourself and take a few minutes to look at his website 'cause it is really worth.

9 Jun 2010

Ren Rox

When we talked about Ryan McGinley we mentioned him as a new reference in photography. Well, today we must talk about a London based photographer, Ren Rox and her fresh work. Double-exposures, black and white and coloured pictures get together, doesn't mind if it's fashion or her own personal work, 'cause her own style is seen on every each one of her pictures. She has already been published in several magazines as Dazed & Confused and Neo2 (just to mention two of them) and we believe that's just the tip of the iceberg, so keep and eye on her and her fabulous pictures.

You'll find more about Ren at her website and flickr.

7 Jun 2010

Die Antwoord

You may have read about them on the newspapers, zines, perhaps heard them on the radio or from a friend’s music track list. Die Antwoord are here to stay, and they have already managed to: their music videos have reached over 5 million views on youtube and since we have also contribute to this striking number we wanted to dedicate some room for them. They are as clear as they sound. Ninja, Yo-Landi and Dj Hi-Tek are the responsible of this redneck rap rave sound that is spreading all over the globe, a blend of beat box, tough and straight words versus the angelic but mischievous voice of the pretty young lady.

You can find more about them at their website. Enjoy the videos!

2 Jun 2010

Jody Rogac

Her talent becomes palpable at first sight. Jody makes you feel the texture of the fabrics and breathe the mood of the moment. Every tiny detail has significance. We are just in love with the tones that she is able to reproduce; a soft harmony that flows with light and music. Her portraits are definitely a piece of art, worth spending some time looking at them since they tell a story, keep an intention, a gesture or message to find out.

You can see more of Jody Rogac’s work at her website.

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